Cash money

Cash Payments

Important note: Sending cash is at your own risk. Amsterdamshops can’t be responsible for lost letters, or their contents.

Please send the payment together with your full name and order code in a registered envelope to:

In order to avoid any problems, please consider the following points:

1. Use an A4 or A5 envelope, so it looks like it is documents.

2. Please hide the money very well between papers/carton (something where you can't see through)!

3. Do not use any coins. If you pay more then the actual amount of your order, we will put the change into your package (everything above EUR 1,00), or we will compensate in the form of products (usually worth more than cash).

4. Close the envelope with EXTRA tape, so that it is difficult, or even impossible for a third person to open and close it without being noticed!

5. Payments in USD and GBP are accepted, but add 10% extra for our exchange costs!

However, a registered letter is only guaranteed to arrive, or that you can track it down, if it gets lost, but it is not a guarantee that it arrives with all its contents. That is why it is very important to send the money as safe as possible!

Please note: without mentioning your name and order code your payment can not be processed.

We will send you a confirmation email after we have received the payment and sent out the order.

Costs: € 0,00

Availability: European Union, Europe, World